Disabling reCAPTCHA extra function buttons from tab index using jQuery

Here’s an easy way to disable the “Get a new challenge”, “Audio Challenge”, and “Help” buttons from reCAPTCHA display block using jQuery.

Simply add the following to $(document).ready(function() { … } on the page you have reCAPTCHA on:

$(document).ready(function() {
   $("#recaptcha_reload_btn, #recaptcha_switch_audio_btn, #recaptcha_whatsthis_btn").attr("tabindex", -1);

Now when you tab out of the word entry field, the extra function buttons are skipped. This is a usability issue because if the extra buttons are left active in tab index, user can easily accidentally reload the challenge image when she thinks she is moving to the next item on the form (which is often the “submit” button), and then quickly hits Enter.