macOS: ‘dig’ vs. ‘dscacheutil’ while using split DNS with Viscosity VPN client

If you’re using Viscosity VPN client on Mac, and have enabled the split DNS for the VPN domains, `dig` doesn’t work quite as someone familiar with Linux/*NIX would expect. This is because Apple has replaced the traditional resolver on macOS with something “more advanced”. Granted, it handles the split DNS gracefully, but as a result, using `dig` for the VPN domains without defining a DNS server for a query doesn’t produce any result even though resolution works otherwise in macOS.

This works:

~ dig +short a

But this does not:

~ dig +short a

However, this does:

~ dscacheutil -q host -a name

To make things easier, I have created the following `zsh` alias:

alias dnsquery='dscacheutil -q host -a name'

However, I’ve forgotten this a few times when some time has passed since the last encounter with dig on internal domains. And then time goes down the drain trying to figure out if something is wrong with the DNS.. but it’s working all along! So I added a reminder for myself in form of another `zsh` alias:

dig() { echo && echo -e '\033[0;97m\033[41m Remember, this is a Mac! Use "dnsquery" instead! \033[0m' && /usr/bin/dig $@ } #macOS

And so:

~ dig +short a

 Remember, this is a Mac! Use "dnsquery" instead!

#oh right! :-)

~ dnsquery

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