FreeBSD vs the world

As I upgraded few FreeBSD installations to FreeBSD 7.2 over the last couple of days, I took the customary stroll to see how FreeBSD continues to stack up against the Linux distributions.  And once again I determined it does so very well.  I’ve been a devout FreeBSD user for almost a decade, and every time I take a look at the Linux world I come back to the same conclusion: I like the fact that there is just one FreeBSD. It’s very well managed and its QA is excellent (not to mention its TCP stack is famed for being the most stable, and its ports collection rivals anything offered by Linux).

Here’re couple of useful sites for those wondering which OS to choose: – Compare distros: FreeBSD vs. Debian – Comparison data is up to date and there are a lot of good user comments to sift through. You can also choose other distros to compare to.

Wikipedia – Comparison of BSD operating systems

And lastly, a good example of why the sheer number of Linux distros is disorienting: DistroWatch lists at least a few hundred Linux distros (plus couple of BSD derivatives).

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