Open with UE Studio – Context Menu option for all files

I often want to open random files in my favorite text editor, UltraEdit Studio to take a quick peek at the contents. However, often the files don’t have a recognized extension, have an extension that is associated with something else, or have no extension at all. Some time ago I added a link to the “Send to” menu, which works, but it’s always an extra step to navigate to the Send to sub-menu first. This is a common operation. Google search quickly produced a post in Wes’s Puzzling Blog that outlines how to add a context-menu option for Notepad. It worked, almost. I had to make one small change (besides the cosmetic text change from “Notepad” to “UE Studio”).

Here’s my version:


@="Open with UE Studio"

@="c:\Program Files\UEStudio 06\uestudio.exe" %1

I had to move the file variable %1 outside of the quote marks in order for it to work, possibly because there is a space in the file path.

You can also download open_with_uestudio.reg that, once saved (with .reg extension) to a local hard drive, can be used to add the necessary keys into the registry by double-clicking on the file (obviously it only works unmodified if you have UE Studio installed, and in the same path as on my system). This works on Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server, not sure about Vista.

Disclaimer: Always be careful when editing/modifying registry. This worked for me but I’m not responsible for broken installs if you mess it up!