Network Solutions follow-up

The last of the two domains I registered on February 14 was finally live on Feb 24th.. after several calls to NSI technical support (and probably total of 2 hours on hold). Even though both of the domains were included in the initial trobule ticket on Feb 17th, only one of them was fixed and operational on the 19th. The second domain took additional five days to get online. Good going, NSI!

One thing I did learn, though: apparently it is possible to have the reservation deleted. In other words, if you or someone else looks up a domain name using NSI’s home page and they “do you a favor” by reserving the name for the next seven days “so that the scalpers can’t register it” (I can’t really see how that improves the situation — they have no way of knowing who checked the availability of the domain name initially), you can call NSI’s tech support and request the name to be removed from the reservation list immediately, thus opening it up for reservation at other registrars.

Stay away from NSI!