New slide scanner!

On last Friday I received a new Nikon Coolscan V ED scanner to replace my broken (and sucky) Minolta Dîmage Scan Dual II. What a difference it made! Coolscan comes with hardware-based Digital ICE4 scratch/dust removal, and it sure works. The goal is to scan a library of slides / negatives me and my wife have, and since we no longer own film cameras, then dump the scanner (on or off eBay :)).

In the early 80’s (before the Commodore 64) I reeled my own film and developed it as well. I did only black & white, but the fact that I did do it myself made it possible for then-some-12-year-old to take tons of photos which otherwise (in Finland) would have been rather costly. Since the process to develop negatives into prints was rather tedious, many—or probably most—of the negatives were never turned into prints, and hence I’ve never really seen them. Now that I live in the U.S. it’s an interesting trip back to my childhood to see photos I took around my home and home town some 20+ years ago. During the scanning process I’ll post some here as samples. Most, however, I’m planning to post into a protected gallery for the family & friends.

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